How To Redirect Posts And Pages In WordPress


A website uses redirect in order to tell the user that its URL has been changed and is moved to another location. The browser of the user will automatically take them to the new URL. There are different types of redirects which developers can use to redirect a website to a new location.

Some of them are as follows.

  • 301 redirect
  • 302redirect
  • 307redirect

Reasons for using 301redirect in WordPress

One of the main reasons is to redirect the users of the website or webpage to the new URL.

There are many other reasons for using it and they are as follows.

  • When a page is to be deleted and a new post has to be included in it
  • when the permalink of a post or a page is to be changed.

If the procedure of redirection is not implemented, users will get 404 errors on the page. This error will influence the traffic on the page, as users will start searching for other website for the same content. The SEO of the site will also be impacted and search engine rankings will go low. If 301 redirect is used, such things will not occur.

This redirect lets the search engine know about the new location of the webpage or website. The SEO and the traffic will also be transferred and no impact will be there on SEO.

Creating redirect in WordPress

There are many WordPress plugins, which people can use to implement 301 redirect. There is no need to write any code as the plugins do all the jobs for the developer. Let us know some things about these plugins.


Redirection plugin is one of the simplest plugin, which developers can install and activate. After activation, they can go to Tools and then to Redirection for setting up the redirection of the website.This plug will also tell the developer about 404 error on the WordPress site.

Page Links To

Page Links to is a plugin that is used to redirect a post or a page to the new location and in such a case. This plugin lets the user to enter the new URL of the post or the pagein the meta box. Users will be automatically sent to the new location and they can view their favorite content.

Simple 301 Redirects

This is also a very simple plugin that can be used for redirecting the current location of a website to a new location. Users need to install and activate it. After that they have to go to Settings and then to 301 Redirects. Here new URLs can be added.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the plugins that people can use to redirect the websites on WordPress to the new location. Usage of these plugins is very easy and people just need to install and use them. In some of them, users have to go to the Tools menu and in some, they have to go to Settings. The user interface of all these plugins is very simple and beginners and experts both of them can use the plugins easily.

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