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Within rising prices of cable subscriptions and rising affordability of Smart TVs, it is the best time ever to ditch the cable. According to Web.com Reviews, there are plenty of apps for your television that allows access to a broad list of movies shows to watch. However, you are already aware of popular TV apps and subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. Let’s check out a few TV apps that can help you ditch the subscription fees or at least, cut down on them below:

The Apps

Tubi TV –

Tubi TV has closed deals with studios like Lionsgate, MGM, and Paramount. Apart from the big names, Tubi TV also features plenty of Indy productions and foreign films. The service is free and supported by apps. So, the experience on this app is similar to television with short commercials every 10 or 15 minutes. However, the library offered by this app is solid and diverse enough to leave you pleasantly surprised. It works on most smart TVs and devices like Apple TV, Roku TV, Xbox, and more.

Crackle –

Crackle is one of the TV apps that hasn’t just made a reputation in the category of free streaming apps, but also for streaming in general. It is cost-free but has some of the recent popular movies and shows like “Bewitched”, “All in the Family” and even the latest “Snatch” series. Their library is filled with hundreds of movies from big-name studios.
You won’t feel like you are watching a free subscription TV app due to Crackle’s impressive library. Apart from Smart TVs and streaming boxes, the app is also available for mobile devices.

NewsON –

This app is an answer to those who say “streaming is limited to casual entertainment”. NewsON is an app that has affiliate programs with hundreds of broadcasters from 160 markets. Apart from local and national news, you can also watch the news on sports, weather, and entertainment. You don’t miss out on live broadcast either. Broadcasts are available for streaming until 48 hours after they air.

Crunchyroll –

If you are a fan of anime or manga, you are already familiar with this app. The app specializes in Japanese content. However, it also features series and films from other parts of the world. In the Crunchyroll library of thousands of anime and manga titles, you can also find numerous exclusives that aren’t available on other platforms.

YouTube –

Any list of free streaming apps and services isn’t complete without YouTube. YouTube has compatible apps for almost any device with a screen and televisions are obviously one of them. It has videos on almost any topic you can imagine. You can access content from both amateur creators and professionals who have made a career out of the streaming platform.


Web.com Reviews believes that you should check out these free TV apps on your device. When you add up all the fees from tens of paid subscription services it can easily reach hundreds of dollars per month. These free apps with their impressive library are a cheaper alternative.

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