The Top Ten Most Common Workplace Injuries


Workplace accidents happen every day and sometimes in the most unexpected of ways. In fact, researchers have developed a Workplace Safety Index that lists the most common ways an on the job injury can occur. These most disabling injuries are based upon workers’ compensation claims that have been filed, the costs associated with them, and the frequency of certain types of injuries as reported to the United States Department of Labor. Several insurance providers contributed to the data.

The top ten most common workplace injuries were a result of the following circumstances:

1. Overexertion –

Sometimes an employee may not realize the amount of work they are putting into a task and could inadvertently injure themselves in the process. Examples of overexertion include pushing, pulling, carrying or holding heavy objects, and even tossing an object that may result in an accident.

2. Fall on Same Level –

While it may be unclear, this type of injury happens when an employee slips or trips if there is some sort of obstacle in the employee’s way, for example.

3. Fall to Lower Level –

This particular cause is more self-explanatory. An injury in this circumstance may occur if an employee has fallen from a higher area, for example, a ladder or even a roof.

4. Bodily Reaction –

This type of injury happens when a worker has tripped, slipped, or fallen when there is not an object or obstacle in their path.

5. Struck by an Object –

These types of injuries can be very serious. I have handled many cases in the past where someone has been hit by a falling object without any warning.

6. Struck Against Object –

While also potentially unclear, this type of accident happens if an employee has accidentally run into an object in their way, perhaps a table, piece of equipment, or other item found at the workplace.

7. Highway Incident –

My law office handles numerous cases where an employee has been injured on the roadways while operating a company vehicle. This presents the possibility in having both a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury case.

8. Caught In/Compressed By –

Some of the most disabling accidents result from the improper use of workplace equipment due to a lack of thorough training. Also, if an employee is exposed to harsh chemicals or unsafe conditions at work, a very serious accident can occur, resulting in life-changing injuries.

9. Repetitive Motion –

Many jobs require an employee to consistently repeat the same actions. For example, typing at a desk or repetitive heavy lifting. While it may not be immediately apparent, these types of daily actions can have long-term effects.

10. Assaults and Violent Acts –

While more infrequent, this type of workplace injury is also possible.

While there are numerous ways that both employers and employees can prevent an on the job injury, these types of accidents are still very common. It is important to remain educated while at work so that if you are hurt on the job, you are prepared to handle the situation to the best of your ability; however, if you or someone you know have been hurt while at work, contact my Douglas County, Georgia law office for a free consultation.

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