Some facts about E-cigarettes


E-cigarettes have seen a great rise in the past few years. Every year, many people are preferring to vape rather than smoking tobacco. Earlier this was famous only in Asia. But as soon the product reached the European market, the number of sales has grown rapidly. Most of the current users of E-cigarettes are adults and youngsters. Shifting to E-cigarette has helped many people quit smoking. Due to the lack of research, vaping is prohibited in many countries. While some of the countries has allowed the people to vape, but on certain agreements. E-cigarette in Australia get most of its sales from the internet. Many e-cigarettes have also set up their own website where they sell their products. Another reason why many people are shifting to vaping is that the price of e-liquid is very less in the market. So people can easily replace their liquid bottle and get a new one. Here are some of the facts about the e-cigarettes:-

Brand name

There was no restriction on who can build these e-cigarettes. This is why many companies have emerged and started selling their own custom e-cigarettes. The companies who would only produce e-liquid does not count as a brand name, and hence they are excluded.

Types of E-cigarette

Since these are produced by different companies, the design and the model will be different from that of other companies. The size and shape of the e-cigarette also differ. Different companies manufacture e-cigarettes in different shapes and sizes. Some of these designs are very tough and can be used for a very long period of time as compared to other companies products.


This is one of the main reason why people started shifting to vaping. There are hundreds of flavors available in the market. It is even higher than that of tobacco flavors. Many companies produce different kinds of flavors as required by the user. The number of flavors available is very tempting, and still, it is harmful for the user. The reason why flavored liquids are used widely is that they come in all varieties.

Nicotine strength

In order to keep the people entertained, companies use different nicotine strength to attract users. Using more nicotine is harmful, and the user may get addicted to it.

E-cigarette claims

E-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. The companies who provide these products claim that their products are safe to use. However, the device itself is not harmful. The liquid used in the device is, and as it contains harmful chemicals, it may be harmful for the user.

It is therefore adviced to the people that they must use the verified e-liquids only and must not use too much nicotine. If the strength of the nicotine is too high, then people must try to avoid it or else if it is consumed, then the user will be addicted to it. Non-nicotine liquid solutions are the best solution to do risk-free vaping.

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