Five Things About the Vision I Concept That Will Wow You!


Let one thing become very clear, the future of mobility is coming true. The automotive technology is booming to become one of the brightest flower in the garden making everyone’s life luxurious. It is becoming something which is titled to be premium. With every second that your clock ticks every carmaker is getting out some feature that will blow away your mind.

Let us have a closer look on what exactly those features are.

Facial recognition

Are keys getting you late? Searching keys every morning stresses you out? Are the buttons on your keys not responding or is the battery of your key over? You can change your appurtenance, where the sexiest clothes, change your lenses or even wear tantalizing glares. The system will give you a back up. The biometric scanners will have your back at such situations.


Is it possible that the first minute you drive, the environment seems like a normal car and after a minute, the environment changes into your living room. Wouldn’t that be so cool? The seats of the driver as well as the of the passengers are exactly like the recliner. Once you press it back. It will turn into a recliner with a leg rest and a comfort for your neck as well.

Holographic tech

Boring meeting can be attended while driving through the most beautiful scenario. The holographic tech of the Vision I Concept introduces you to do the situation which every employer wishes while attending boring meetings. You can not only attend your meetings but swipe on the PowerPoint slides to explain it by the touch screen system installed in your car. You can watch your favorite match and do simultaneous tasks.


Vision I Concept will let you explore the road ahead of you without even leaving your seat. The traffic is too intense? The road is getting too curvy? All you have to do is press the button. An allotted drone will fly out of the car and give you every information in picture format of what the car is going to pass or why the car cannot go through. In face, if you are going for a drive and want to capture the nature through your drive, you can always make use of this drone.

5G Internet connectivity

What technology relies on is Internet. Internet is another sector which is booming and amusing people. So every device to be compatible with the current development needs to be on par with it. The most important piece of tech is the 5G connectivity on board. All the features on board the Vision I concept are tied together by their need for fast internet and that is what 5G connectivity offers. It is the fastest thing you would wish for your car.

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