Engineering Offers Good Job In Both Private and Public Sectors


Engineering as a profession has always been associated with higher degree of prestige, social status and financial stability. Recent emphasis on technological innovation and technical superiority across the world has added extra value and weightage to this charming profession. There are tremendous job opportunities for qualified engineers in private, public and government sectors.

The demand for engineering graduates with a passion for innovation and a strong desire to make a difference in the world is very strong with engineers from Top Engineering college in North India or any other part of the country commanding astronomical salaries from both public and private sector organizations.

There are also a lot of career opportunities for engineers in the government sector. To be eligible for government jobs, engineer graduates have to appear for Indian Engineering Services exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Armed forces of the country are another lucrative sector for engineers. Modernisation of armed forces (Air force, Army and Navy) need extensive services of engineers where they put their knowledge and skills to develop sophisticated weapons, surveillance systems, missiles, etc.

Engineering Offers Good Job In Both Private and Public Sectors

Also, the opening up of economy in addition to fast pace of globalisation has opened new vistas of career opportunities for engineers. They can find meaningful and well-paying jobs in a number of emerging sectors.

The scenario at the time for engineering and engineers was completely different from now at the time of independence. Private sector was more or less absent, which meant that the government jobs were the only jobs available to engineering graduates. Initial period of post-independence period witnessed the setting up of large public sector enterprises for the overall development of the economy and the country.

At that time infrastructure development like building of highways, dams, airports, railway stations, bridges, etc was the sole responsibility of the government. Working as such in a public sector organization ensured the same employer till retirement. Promotions were based on seniority and hiring of engineers in senior position was a rarity. Job security was comprehensive as retrenchments and layoffs were unheard of things.

The situation took a drastic change post economic liberalization of 1991. Opening up of economy lead to easier flow of men, material and technology, across the border thus allowing opening of new companies and development of new sectors.Private companies were set up and the government started to withdraw from sectors like infrastructure, oil exploration, heavy machinery, etc.

One of the most prominent development of the time was the IT revolution in India ushered in by the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Today India is one of the global forces to reckon with in the IT and ITES industry with IT sector employing the maximum number of engineering graduates.

The setting up and expansion of private firms opened new vistas of career opportunities for engineering graduates. Qualified engineers were paid according to their talent rather than their age. Retrenchment and layoffs became common with private organizations comprehensively shunning mediocrity.

Today also, qualified engineers are highly in demand. The only thing to ensure if you are creative, possess logical reasoning capabilities and have good analysing abilities is that you need to obtain your degree from top university for engineering in UP, if you are interested in studying in this fast developing state. Good institutes with longstanding reputation of excellence offer excellent education and placement opportunities.

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