5 Must Do’s Before Changing Out Your Kitchen Sink


The kitchen sink, as with most of the items in your household, will at one point or the other need to be replaced.

Before getting started, these 5 must do’s will help narrow down your search.

  • Get the measurements of your current sink
  • Know the style of your sink and decide whether you want a new style
  • Decide whether you want to just replace your sink or get an upgrade of a new one
  • Know your faucet preference. Ask questions about kitchen taps and mixers, kitchen accessories, etc.
  • Decide on the finish you want

The other things you need to know before replacing the sinks and taps are:

Stick to Your Budget

The secret to sticking to your budget lies in planning. This helps to ensure that you have a realistic budget. Months before you hire contractors, collect several pictures of kitchen sinks. Once you have an idea of what you’d like, start window shopping, whether in stores or online, to get an idea of how much the sink might cost. Then, use the information gathered to refine your plans.

Go Check Out the Sink in Person

Perhaps you’ve found your perfect kitchen sink online? The best thing to do is to go see the item in the store. Why? Sometimes, the photos shown online might be different from the actual item. For instance, the middle divider of the sink might be half the size of your current sink. This may not necessarily be visible from online photos but will be apparent when you look at the real sink.

Shop When You’re Clear-Headed

You might be faced with several kitchen sink choices, debating which one to buy and which one not to buy. Think of the ways you use your sink. For instance, if you bake often, consider getting a single basin sink to accommodate the cookie sheets and large pans, and a deeper one rather than a standard one.

Also, think ahead. If you are going to live in your house for a long time, consider the age factor, even if you’re still young. Changing the location or height of the sink, for instance, will make life easier in the future. Or maybe you are starting out. Your adorable baby will soon become a toddler, and small kids tend to be rough on home fixtures; in just a couple of years, you’ll wish you had chosen granite composite or stainless steel instead of that enamel sink.

If you feel overwhelmed, go to another store if you feel the need to. You shouldn’t fret. Then, make the decision when you’re calmer.

What Becomes of Your Old Sink?

Although you no longer want your old sink, there are ways it can still be useful for someone else. You can donate it to a store, where it can be sold to support the community in different ways such as feeding the homeless.

Other options include selling it at a garage sale or on Craigslist. If you’re into crafts, you can turn it into a planter for your kitchen garden, an outdoor sink, or even convert it into a kids’ sand play table.

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